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Care Taking, Security & Vigilance of Cell Sites
Care taking, Guarding and Vigilance of communication towers have been our Expertise. We work on various models of Caretaking, Manned Guarding, Vigilance, Patrolling & Electronic technology for security of these towers.

Today we have differentiated the entire model of security to a multipurpose care taking concept. We employ an educated care taker rather than security guard. We prefer to employ caretakers with technical background who has ample knowledge of preventive maintenance of electrical gadgets and DG sets. His duty is to keep DG set and battery bank in best possible condition, by informing the maintenance team for servicing at specified time.

Diesel Re-Filling
We ensure proper quality and quantity of diesel is drawn from pump station and carried to site location, by placing our vigilance teams and carry out surprise checks. This helps us in monitoring good quality fuel to the DGs thus improving the life of the gen sets. An assured quantity of fuel helps us in monitor the average of the DGs and timely servicing.

Incentives are given to Care takers for maintaining the DGs running at its specified average, a proper servicing of the DGs set after running for 250 hrs keeps the DG in healthy condition. We keep arrangements for hiring the DG sets from open market in case of emergency. An additional fleet of mobile DGs is taken from the client and placed at vantage places so that it could be utilized immediately in an emergency , thus reducing the chances of outages due to fuel.

Maintenance Services
We undertake maintenance services that include DG periodical services, engineering services, preventive maintenance, air-conditioning, electrical services, processing of electricity bills, preparing of demand drafts as per the requirement of electricity board and bill collection from sites etc.

Outsourcing Manpower
Lynx is known for working under statutory regulations and lab our laws, maintaining records and deposit of Govt. dues as per schedule. Our company works on a system, complying with all mandatory legal and statutory obligations. Improving operational efficiencies, stability and effectiveness are just some of the ways you could benefit from our outsourcing and managed services. We have the most satisfied employees.

Core Service Areas in Guarding

  • Provision of trained Armed and Un-Armed Security Personnel.
  • Professional Security Officers for short and long term contract.
  • Special Event Security: Security and crowd control for arenas, sporting events, convention centers, entertainment fairs, stadiums, conferences and personal business establishments.
  • Providing Quick Reaction Teams (QRT) for various contingencies such as mob control etc.
  • Vigilance and Investigation.
  • Strategic Security Planning and Analyses.
  • Customized Special Guarding Services.

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